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Risky Business

I’m starting this… because, well, I think the image we sometimes put out in the world makes us look a lot more glamorous than we actually are..… but it’s a struggle.

2024 is a game changer for me. That’s not a resolution - that’s not a promise to myself. It’s because I did two things in 2023 and they’ve set me up for this year. The first was taking risks. The second one was asking for help.

This changed the course of 2024. Instead of sitting at home, I’m collaborating. I’m doing stuff - ALL the stuff so that 2025 looks even more exciting.

I work in a foreign environment. I’m a mature female artist. I play an instrument that isn’t associated with my genre and it’s hard to get gigs. I carry a few extra pounds. I’m pretty much a single mum these days as my beloved man works away from home. I’ve got a LOT working against me. So my thinking is: what have I got to lose? `

TAKING A RISK - I’ve always taken risks on stage and with my music. So why was I playing it safe professionally? I contacted one of my favourite singers to find that she lives in the same region. We started a collaboration teaching and mentoring - a bit of push and pull each way. Being within such a great artistic, self-believing, positive presence reignited something in me. I’m inspired to teach again, I’m inspired to absolutely-fucking go for it. I may be in a foreign environment (let’s face it, I’ll never master French) but you know what they have here? Respect for older performers - Men AND women. Taking a risk and contacting her has lead to teaching two other developing performers, some really ace opportunities and also forming a new friendship with a kick-ass diva.

ASKING FOR HELP - Too proud. Yup that’s me - I can go it alone. No I fucking can’t. I should have learned it the first or the tenth time… but it’s taken until my late 40s and two years of burnout to actually learn to ask for help. I asked for help from my husband (the famous Breton Wardog) - he’s not in the industry, but he does work with someone who is. His workmate in turn helped me out and suddenly I’ve got a Manager and Booking Agent and for the very first time, someone batting on my team. I’ve always done it alone, and I was tired. I’m so excited to be able to concentrate on my artistry, rather than solely getting gigs.

You might have read this far, you might not. I just want you to know I plan to write a little somethin’ somethin’ every week or two - for those of you who are (like me) mums returning to the stage after years away, performers re-finding music or anyone returning to a long forgotten passion.

I'm not pretending to be a hugely commercial artist - but come on this journey with me.

Take risks and ask for help. You never know where it might lead you.


I'll be reading!


Bravo Anna. Wise words and you know it's going to happen. You make good music, you have something different and unique to offer. And although it is a bit of a cliche, like the best wines, you mature with age and simply get better! Bon courage and gimme some of dem dirty harp blues!

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