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Many teachers are singers who just teach a bit on the side - without any real

qualifications or technical know-how.

Anna Boulic is a fully qualified voice teacher from Australia’s top Performing

Arts Conservatory - The National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA). Here she

studiedthe anatomy of voice, the psychology of voice and teaching, healthy and safe

voice production techniques and accents and dialects. Many students choose her because she can take a multifaceted approach -  navigating breathing and production issues along with achieving the desired accent whilst singing or speaking.

For years she taught at Victoria’s top conservatories for voice - The Victorian College of the Arts (VCA) and the National Theater School. She designed and delivered an incredible program through the VCA and the University of Melbourne for international students wanting to use their voices more effectively in English and this remains a successful course many years later.

She has also risen up through the grades of singing and the world of musical theater as a voice coach and has delivered instruction to many actors and singers whom are incredibly successful today.

So…. what does this mean for you?

First thing is first - A safe, healthy and sustainable voice.

Secondly - a teacher who is incredibly passionate about her subject and students and stays on the cutting edge of developments in the voice world, whilst instilling traditional foundational training.

Thirdly - thirty years of voice training experience tailored exactly to what you need.

Anna teaches anyone passionate about developing their voice…… singers, actors, presenters, lawyers, professionals and choirs. She loves the variation in her work - from working with actors in  the UK on their next Shakespeare audition, to getting kids in Australia started on their very first singing exercises...

Recent events have lead Anna to consider hosting training online, and this has proven to be far more successful than she had predicted. She has students in France, England and Australia. With flexible hours, you can learn voice from the comfort of your home.

So contact Anna now to start your voice journey.

It’s difficult to find a great voice teacher.



I love working on my voice with Anna because I have never found such a meticulous teacher,
enthusiastic and encouraging as she is.
One of the best things about her style and way of teaching voice and vocal control is that she
teaches step by step. That is to say, when it comes to repeating and developing oneself, its
Teachings can easily be repeated several times, even if it is not present.
Even though I feel like I have some time before I can learn to love the sound of my voice, it's
thanks to Anna that I can maintain my voice and control my breathing – and ultimately sing better
and longer without damaging elements essential to creating resonant sounds.
I love learning with Anna because she is totally committed to giving me the tools I need
to pursue a career in music, singing, and speaking.


Working with Anna, I gained a lot of trust. I feel like I'm learning more with her
in an hour than in years of working with others. There is such intelligence and so much
detail in his work which is so rare. Thanks to her, I rediscovered a world of possibilities, and the
The results I have had working with her are extraordinary. She has a way of explaining
how everything works, to speak in a way that is understandable, and to make a
environment in which one can begin to understand oneself and understand problems
voices that hold us back. I couldn't recommend her more highly.
She helped me in the hearing process to work with vigor and generosity instead of fear. To be
more attentive to the choices I make, vocally and physically. His classes are essential and I
am so grateful to have found it!

Anna was an indispensable help to my work.
Anna Boulic helped me in the production to really hear the text.. Not the elocution, but
intention and meaning. With Anna, voice work is not about focusing on diction and
accents. It is a process that every artist should rigorously employ in their work.
Now I can concentrate on my work with ease, and I don't worry about fatigue
in the voices. My actors know how to maintain their voices, and maintain excellent vocal health.
Anna taught me to never settle for the minimum with my colleagues.

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